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We provide tax return services of general personal income, self-employment income, rental income, international student credits and capital gains.



General Personal Income Tax

1. Name, address, S.I.N., date of birth, marital status;

2. Family members’ name, date of birth, SI.N. (if have);

3. All tax related forms, such as T4, T5, T5007, RSP slips, T2202, rent or property tax.

Click here to see appended form for details


Self- employment Income Tax

1. Gross income;

2. All disbursements, include but not limited to:
    -- Purchases;
    -- Advertising;
    -- Rent;
    -- Telephone;
    -- Office;
    -- Property tax;
    -- Water, electricity and heating;
    -- Motor vehicle expenses (include gas, car repair, insurance and parking).

3. You can pass all of original documents to us, such as sales record, invoices of disbursements.


Rental Income Tax

1. Gross rental income;

2. Disbursements related to the rental property:
    -- Advertising;
    -- Property tax;
    -- Interest of mortgage loan;

    -- Water, electricity (Hydro) and natural gas (Enbridge);
    -- Maintenance and repair;
    -- Administration fee (Condo or townhouse only).


International Students Credits

1. Social insurance number;
2. Or, the temporary tax number (ITN). ITN is a 9 digits number starting from 0;

3. If you have no S.I.N., nor ITN, please bring the photocopy of passport, and study permit. We will help you to get ITN.


Capital Gains Tax

Please bring the Summary of Transactions to our tax experts.

Foreign Property Claim

Please contact with our tax experts for details.

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